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Elegant Tools
by The Speakers
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ow: As usual, we begin by opening first into your individual, personal mind. From this start, we can stretch inward toward linking with every person's mind. By moving through your consciousness, we can connect to every person's private context of personal consciousness -- as they invite and allow for. We will remind all of you, often, that your only opening into either private or collective interior reality is first along the inward passageways of your individual mind - by your own choice to do so.

We would like to make a REAL TIME remark at this precise time and date (May 13, 2005 at 9:10 P.M.):

Within these psychic processes our compatriot is using here for the editing of our beginning material, we wish to add current comment. Do remember, as you read, that our invitation is always for you to look for your own similar experiences, as your own specific point of reference. Your life of personal experiences is always your best example. Our friend's immediate here-and-now experiences of this listening, as those experiences bring about these written conversations, create a particular "idea-shaped" gateway or mind-energy access, through which your own minds can move, flow and follow. This is a very literal proposition which each of you can examine as the intimate experience of reading, leaving off, and then returning to read. Your reading is an action of "mind", a flow of mind's energy or an experience of mind itself moving along new corridors of thought - along new energy trails of brain. Now, (not to overly interrupt this editing work) this idea of mind's movement is quite more than only a self-awareness of the usual registerable sort. Mind moves through thought, rather than thought moving through mind, and this idea in itself will help expand your conceptualizing processes. However, this "line of thought" is for another conversation that our dear host has inadvertently, curiously peeked into, so to say. We will hint here, that conversation has at heart the understanding of how your thoughts are a continuous energy construction between the self of human mind and consciousness, and the Self of Mind and Consciousness. The particular trigger for our own comments here at this instant on this page, and for the upcoming conversation about thought construction and mind's motion, came from a comment about "…unconscious thinking…" - which prompted our friend to note that such an idea is an oxymoron! To her understanding, thinking is a conscious process of mind.

Now let us continue backwards so to say:  (to the 1987 material)

Last evenings work directly triggered your awareness of the physically regenerative processes taking place in your system. We are speaking here of your sensate experience -- clearly registered physical sensations. In the same manner that you register a headache for instance, last evening you perceived a series of reparative interior experiences involving your physical brain. These were distinct sensations within the brain and brain stem areas. At a corresponding conscious level of mind, you were trying to find the reason for your perception of what you took to be cellular events. You sensed a kind of re-knitting of specific physically focused energy routes as brain-to-body energy pathways. Yet, it felt as if certain energy channels of highly specialized brain-to-mind abilities were somehow being re-opened and strengthened. Then it felt like an energy bath washing over specific areas of your brain-with a definite sensation of your mind clearing!

You began to wonder just how you could be sensing these events and became concerned with "who" was initiating these processes. You frightened your self with the notion that perhaps it was not you instigating this process, since you do not understand, on the conscious level, how you could be doing this.

Your questions caused you growing confusion and anxiety. Understanding that we were somehow involved, you began to fantasize our role in these experiences. You tried to construct with your imaginative reasoning the how and why of these subjective perceptions, trying to decipher exactly what was happening. It is a natural bent of mind to play with its reasoning in such a way. All of you constantly weave intuition and available factual knowledge into rational, reasonable, sensible explanations of your life's experiences. In this manner, self-through-Self is constantly constructing its own general single-life picture - its own personally experienceable reality - your self's reality of human personality, perception and participation.

Such a cohesiveMain Entry: co·here
1 : to fit together naturally or consistently.
2 : to become fittingly connected or unified by certain principles, relationships or themes.
  personal, single life-picture as each of you builds, includes information shared between both your external projected reality, and your internalized mind-interpreted inner reality then. All of you are constantly seeking to maintain both the sensate and the incorporeal equilibrium of human selfhood, working and playing at this natural need to satisfy both the (human) intellect and intuition. Your reality is the act of balancing both inward experience and external experience to provide a personal rationality that underpins and maintains the individual, given focus of each private selfhood.

When you finally recognized your fantasy for what it was, you realized that your view of these experiences had actually expanded - as a part of these explorative experiences! You began to see the motion of your mind, as it peered into itself as a kind of multi-angled self-seeing of what you had been doing. Then you became enamoured with that mind-aware experience of feeling your mind's mobility and the energy-current of your own thinking.

You actively worked at widening the range of your perceptions, consciously pushing your inward sight to see further, deeper into your own mind's activity and abilities. This activity triggered a rapid influx of new data pouring into your mind. However, such a rush of information confused and frightened your human side of mind or your human focus of mind if you will. You began to question the reality of your connection to us and wondered about the wisdom of experimenting with your consciousness as it is so tightly connected to your physical body. Just for an instant, you thought you needed some authority greater than your own to explain all of this. Then just as suddenly, you realized that there is no other authority that could offer an explanation that would negate your own competence-to-understand, or cancel your own ability to construct a self-rational explanation of what you were experiencing. You knew your own knowledge, in a manner. You accepted the responsibility for your own knowledge by willingly striving, struggling, working to see where and how that knowledge - all knowledge - comes to you.

We mean here, of course, that your human experiences have a larger, deeper, more encompassing inward meaning because of your connection to your Self and its inner reality - because of your complete identity as both a physical energy and a psychic-spiritual, incorporeal energy. Now, in spite of your lack of available conscious information to factually prove the meaning of your experiences, you felt a stabilizing coherent rationality - a core resonance of self-rational knowledge, understood as a Self-to-self verification of the meaning of your experiences.

You were aware of making the clear choice to have faith in your self's ability to comprehend these inward experiences. You decided to trust in your own conjoined identity as part of a larger Selfhood. You openly proclaimed your faith in the experienceable concept of self-and-Self.

Now this was a kind of conceptual metamorphosis. Such an incorporating and conclusional self-to-Self realization is a necessary step on every person's ladder of learning - and we suggest to each of you that you look into your own life to find your own corresponding experiences of such a recognition of your larger Selfhood. While every life's precise circumstances for this learning and understanding will be uniquely singular, each of you will know if you have stepped upon this rung of your own learning or not - yet. Ponder those private experiences wherein you declared your self's faith - or not - in Self's nature and intent. The need here is for uncompromising honesty.

You heard yourself, within your own mind, loudly proclaim your intention to continue your work with us, and clearly decided - declared - that your fears were no longer strong enough to hold you back. It was then that you took a magical leap into the realms of your Self, finally, consciously grasping that the power within your decisions must rest upon your trust in the power of self-and-Self.

For all of you, the choices that you make and the challenges that you accept rest on your faith that your intentions will meet with success, even when your ordinary conscious knowledge does not immediately contain the information or experience to bring this about. You understood in a flash of inner comprehension that your determination to push ahead with this venture (or any new venture) is always based on such faith - and you already have such faith (however unrealized), tucked safely in the deeper reaches of your own Being, awaiting your discovery of it.

We are well aware that many of you hold a trust in your selves that is actually, only a thin, psychological skin or veneer of thought, hope, logic. We are well aware that many of you believe, on the surface, that you do trust your self. However, such trust as we are here speaking of, is of a different depth - of a more encompassing and fundamental nature. Such trust as we mean here, may be dormant, buried beneath outward façades of quasi-trust or ersatz trust, hidden from your conscious awareness, concealed self-from-self.

Now do not confuse this scenario as if we mean Self has hidden information from self - for your human self's lack of awareness, misunderstanding or misinterpretations of the nature of its Self, is a very different story. When you honestly look deeper into these matters, what you actually find is a basic fear and distrust of your own human intentions and abilities. This bit of self-pretending - of invisible pretense, and miscreance (** definition: misbelief) is the root of much self-sabotaging behavior and much self-to-Self power struggling.

Generally, few of you recognize the strategic importance of the relationship of your thoughts to your physical body, and then to the body of energy that is your physical world. Related to this lesson of self-to-Self trust is an understanding of your physical body's nature, intention and ability to take care of itself (and thereby your self).

To be constantly apprehensive, suspicious of your body's every motion and change, is to doubt your body's own integrity in its relationship to your indwelling consciousness. Whatever beliefs you hold, regardless of their inward accuracy or inaccuracy, your patterns of thinking will reflect those beliefs. Then, those patterns of thinking (drawn form those beliefs) will be layered into - coordinated with, collated with that natural faith that resides in your less conscious reaches.

If you look, you can see that logically, you do have such a natural faith in the successful culmination of your beliefs-whether these beliefs are supportive or detrimental - informed or misconstrued, immovably idle or effusively enlightened. For when you sincerely look, you can find many instances where your beliefs and experiences clearly connect, in perfect reflection, (and they do so in-spite of a lack of absolute conscious knowledge -- similar to the situational example here in this personal discussion.) Now do think this through, for this proposition of self-to-Self trust works both backward and forward so to say, bringing you all that you desire, and all that you do not desire. It is this same self-to-Self trust (however masqueraded even as distrust) that underlies all self-to-Self action/activity.

To continually question, checking and rechecking what your body is doing to uphold its end of your co-operative bargain between physical self and encompassing Self for the maintenance of your physical existence, reveals much about your beliefs and ideas concerning self and Self's nature. Such constant checking-up on your body's functioning is like continually questioning a person's actions or progress when that person has promised to undertake those actions and make that progress. Such a scenario is actually based on distrust. Either you trust the integrity of your friendly body to uphold its mandate of life-support, or you do not. Your body is acutely and minutely aware of your trust or mistrust on every level of your being and Being.

Your body becomes confused with your constant questioning, because it knows that its very existence in physical reality originally stemmed from a joint agreement of co-operation and trust. In a manner, you exist as a physical manifestation - as a human being (and Being) - because of a mutual mandate for such existence, since you are a body and a mind. Such an integrated design is one of an interdependent aim established for the most advantageous fulfillment of your complete identity possible within this physical reality.

It is almost as if you hurt your body's feelings when you question its wisdom, doubting its intelligence and intention to act in its own (and your own) best interest. For your body knows from within itself, that you made an agreement based on predetermined mutual trust, and now you (of human consciousness) seem to be discounting that pact, no longer believing in your pledge of conjoined partnership. Your body, in its interactions with you, interprets both your conscious and less conscious intentions on all levels - from cellular to psychic.

If it is your intention to experience physical health, yet you do not trust your body to co-operatively do its part in manifesting this intent, then your are building up an "energy-effect" that represents both the original agreement of trust and the contradictive activity or display of your mistrust. This energy-effect becomes your most common perception of your body - an attitude that becomes an invisible directive. If you continually misunderstand the nature of the relationship you have with your own body in this way, the resulting experiences are often persistent widely fluctuating health concerns. For you are trying to manifest both your trust and your distrust, in a kind of power struggle, or tug-of-war between contradictive beliefs concerning your body (self) and your Being (Self).

Your separate beliefs are bound into organized belief-systems from which your conceptual paradigms are then composed, and your life's broadest colourations cast. Psychologically, the energy-effects that you construct become your main, overall, daily direction of thinking and feeling - they become the general ideas that form together, into an attitude. Such a prevailing viewpoint or approach is your most usual, seemingly natural perception of any given area of your experiences.

Your thinking is alive as the pervasive flavour of the thoughts that you feed yourselves about your immediate reality of experiences. Using this methodical manner of mind's linkages, you tailor your every conscious and less conscious, glimpsed and less or un-glimpsed thought, into interior self-talk. Your most common flavour-of-thinking becomes your basic outlook, your disposition, your inclinations, your fundamental emotional-psychological colourations - that "attitude" we were just speaking of. This self-formulated stream of thinking (in this instance about your relationship with your body) is then smoothly blended into the encompassing daily flow of your mind's energy that you could understand as your human consciousness, expressed as your experience of being aware.

The general perceptions you draw, construct, invisibly build, are based upon the energy patterns of mind's thinking, as that thinking is a result, drawn from both your conscious and less conscious beliefs, ideas and experiences, concerning your identity as a self-and-Self. These conceptual paradigms are a major creative instrument in your toolbox of creative abilities.

**** A BREAK

This information is meant to aid you - each of you, by showing how the seemingly, unconscious methods you employ in constructing your daily reality of experiences, are already at work in your life. It is meant to lead you to an expanded knowledge of those processes that you are already invisibly using and relying on to invent and invoke your reality into the shape of your current days. We hope to show you the greater expanse of the intricate energy web-work within which each private self-and-Self, exists this moment. We wish to help you understand that each of you embodies an amazing, boundless organization underneath this intimate personal energy that you are composed of as your self. We hope you will begin to sense how each of you already goes about using this creative intelligent energy of self-and-Self, to give rise to your daily life's reality.

If you wish to make more conscious, informed and precise choices for your living's experiences, you will need to learn more specifically how you connect the various elements of the vast magnificent energy of your Being, to the energy of your human being. Only the deliberate, multi-faceted expansion of your conceptions and perceptions of your self, as a self-and Self, will accomplish this. For each of you is an immeasurably mind-full interweaving of those many-sided conceptions and perceptions, designed into the fabric of your reality.

Now, personally here, the sights within your inner view are almost overpowering for you. We do not wish to overwhelm you with the scope of this vision and knowledge. Yet, such an experience will help you connect your feelings about this creative splendor of Selfhood with a more purposeful respect for your own selfhood, and a more realistic regard for your place in the scheme of ever reforming Self-reality and so, self-reality. Such is the needed understanding for every self and for humanity.

We suggest (and each of you can understand) that in your attempts to expand your conceptions and perceptions of your self, you are not playing with closed notions. When you participate in this work of ours, dear readers, neither our ideas (as our shaped energy of Consciousness) nor your own ideas (as your shaped energy of mind) are enclosed in your human mind - as if somehow located only in your human experiences of time and space. This reading is meant to push at the edges of your human consciousness. For such action initiates or engages the individual consciousness (as small c), with Self's Consciousness, (as capital C).

You experience your reality as both mind-within-consciousness and consciousness-within-mind, as these two shaped energies slide through or absorb and re-constitute within, one another. The elegance or refinement of this design, allows you to be an "aware mind" with a perception of a "less conscious" or unconscious portion of that mind. This arrangement or pattern of mind-and-consciousness is an exclusive configuration that amounts to an operating system for the multi-focused energy that you understand as the human existence and life. In a manner, your life is the systemized motion - the coordinated interactivity that ceaselessly operates between mind-and-consciousness of self, and then between Mind-and-Consciousness of Self. You are creative dynamism,Main Entry: dy·na·mism
1 : a theory or doctrine that explains the universe in terms of forces and their interplay as immanent forces that are irreducible to matter and its motion.
2 : a theory that considers becoming, change, motion, or energy as fundamental to the constitution of the universe.
3 : a quality of insistent restless drive or movement, esp. in a particular direction.
  echoing inward-to-outward, past-to-future, and present-to-eternity - self-to-Self, and Self-to-self.

Your reality is a process of Self-to-self creation. This creative process is determined or shaped by the fact of the interaction between these two exclusively refined energy organizations (self and Self). Human life-reality is possible only because human mind and consciousness are in direct relationship to universalized and multidimensional Mind and Consciousness. The energy interchange between the fraternal twins of material and immaterial energy gifts you the experience of physical human existence. (Please, review the difference between fraternal and identical as we have implied that difference here).

From this view of self's consciousness and mind, Self's Consciousness and Mind could be understood as though Self is your larger player, and Self's Reality is your larger playing field. In these terms then, Self's Consciousness and Self's Reality could be further understood as instrumental representatives, participant agents of the eternal Consciousness and the infinite Reality of All-That-Is. Do you understand?

When you deliberately mobilize your conscious thinking in active, direct pursuit of broader, deeper, fuller perceptions and conceptions of your selfhood, you quite literally activate those precise connections between your own human consciousness and your Self's Consciousness. When you do this, your are creatively playing with the real building blocks of your reality.

Your thinking is a complex energy process connecting self to Self. Your thoughts are strung one-to-another until you have a vibrant filament of living ideas that unerringly sings with the quality of each thought. Your thoughts are your initial tools of creation. When you understand the underlying meaning of the connection between thought and experience, then you will know how to turn the key of your mind to unlock those beginning secrets of reality's creation. We will point out that there is quite literally a world of difference between understanding the meaning of something and simply having knowledge of something.

Human hood has thus far almost ignored the link between the quality of human thinking and the qualities of human reality, as a part of its collective knowledge. If your thinking does not include certain characteristics, then decidedly, the consequent reality you create will also not include those certain characteristics. In order to manifest the quality of respect for instance, into a working value and an operational and experienceable ideal in your world, your conscious "one thought at a time" thinking will need to include such a fundamental value. The value of respect will then need to be written into all linkages as a part of the very fabric of your creative, conceptual patterns - your patterns of thinking.

Expanded thinking opens each of you to the personal experienceable realization of the awesome energy-organization that keeps your world functioning, each-self-all-the-time. From such a foundation of Self-to-self knowledge and experience you can begin developing that primary respect that each of you individually and your world collectively, needs to comprehend, acknowledge, acquire, experience and advance, in order to fulfill its' grandest possibilities. From such a clear development, respect would become a conceptual presumption, as a functioning truism for human creation. Instigated in such a manner, respect would become a psychic/spiritual inheritance within the system of psychic genetics - (but this is for another discussion).

Currently, as an experienceable idea, respect is neither an intrinsic personality trait nor a mass world attitude. The quality of respect is not - yet - any sort of inbred characteristic, or common, inborn, automatic value-quality of human nature. We suggest to you that humankind will need to embrace the ideal of respect as a foundational value-concept for both individual and collective existence, if humankind is to survive. If you are to create individual and mass reality that will function with the quality of respect as a base or root ideal and value, then that quality will need to become a fundamental value-component in a new way to think. The value concept of respect will need to be woven into your thinking patterns - braided into a new conceptual paradigm - first individually, and then en mass.

For the most part, humanity's view of itself is grossly misinformed and thereby mis-created in the extreme. Humanity is still defined (from a variety of its own sources) as a chemical or biological mishap, a mutated growth, a masochistic joke or a mechanical misfit. By some, you are still understood as the powerless victims of vengeful gods that allow no personal meaning or individual fulfillment except as a sacrifice meant only for that god's greater glory. Still by others, humanity is being re-named - reinvented as a race of creative I-bots - but still as a subservient power to its Self. Do assess this last remark carefully. Tell us - tell your selves - where, in such identities, will you find the ideal of a respect for your selves and your existence as a reality.

When you look about you into the larger version of your daily planet, you see religious fundamentalism, holy war, nuclear threat, starvation, deprivation, every sort of terrorism and contradictive irrationality - creation run amuck. If a life-supporting respect cannot first be conceived of, dreamt of as an inherent possibility, as a built in value of personal identity, then there can be no mind-power-pattern developed for its creation into humankind's identity as a founding value-component of human reality. Until any value is first conceived of as viable, rational, private choice, within individual power for individual creation and recreation-able experience, then it has no route into individual or collective, manifest reality.

Now we do realize your difficulties here. For to many you, it seems that your value concepts exist first in the minds of the select, more powerful, wiser, more educated… as with religion, academy, and the myriad of institutionalized hierarchical power structures that are touted as the source of humankind's idealized values. In this way your value concepts are assumed, taught, imposed or in some manner handed down, engendered, or infused into the populace psyche. (Engender: to cause to exist or develop).

We propose a route to Humankind's enlightenment that proceeds the other way around. We suggest that precisely chosen individual conceptual development that expresses individual values, is (even now, and even though grossly misguided) the propelling agent of your reality's creation. For when individual enlightenment is understood and developed into a personal value in this way, then it will become both a method and a means for humanity's enlightenment. Once the principles of individual enlightenment become entrenched in individual psyche as self-and-Self identity and creative impetus, then by choice society's enlightenment, will be understood and developed as a means for the advancement of your fuller human purposes. Enlightenment will thereby become the choice of direction for human evolvement.

As many of you are discovering, inward reality will perfectly reflect itself outward as your manifest, external reality. The challenge for humankind is to develop your understanding at its present level, in conjunction with the inward proofs that are within the reach of every single individual. As you grow in your understanding of yourselves, you can construct a more and more comprehensive, complete umbrella of beliefs as a conceptual paradigm or encompassing pattern of beliefs, concerning yourselves and your reality.

This is a difficult proposition when it is these inward proofs that you are in need of learning about. It is this learning we are asking each of you to do here, that will lead human hood forward. It is this learning that draws what is known and understood at this precise moment of each individual's knowledge, into what is "yet to be known" as you cast your own future.

By definition, learning, is a present action. Learning is a quest -- an alchemic marriage of the mind's motion to the heart's emotion. To learn well, is to create an accurate reflection of your inspirited human consciousness into the embracing reality of your world. This sort of learning unites the knowledge of the self to the knowledge of the Self, in a practical fusion of self-to-Self psychological-spiritual action. This is a proposition of tying the personal values inwardly held and enacted by each of you, to the social values and actions taken by each of you, that then combine to infuse the physical reality of all of you.

Look inside your own ideas and ask yourself about the feelings that enliven those ideas. Examine and explore the variety of emotional intensities that reside within the intellects reasoning - become aware of your own emotional experiences wrapped in your psychological functioning -those feelings that are wrapped up inside of your own mind's working/thinking. The various intensities of your emotions infuse your creative abilities. Now this is a rather important little idea, for as you turn your thoughts into clear mental/psychological experiences the intensity of your emotions follow suit.

We suggest you become intellectually familiar with your emotions - think about how you really feel; then, become emotionally familiar with your own thinking - feeling the emotions triggered by your intellect as your mind activates your feelings. Look at your feelings as they go hand-in-hand with their counterpart thinking and recognize these two strands of energy, thought and emotion, braided together into what you recognize as intention, or aim - as representation of thought and feeling spun together into an accurate representation of both. Do take a moment here to find your own best example of this idea.

In this manner, your actions, re-actions and inter-actions are open displays of agreement or disagreement between the inside and outside. In this manner, you speak the truths of your self-and-Self understanding outward, as actions-to-words, thoughts-to-actions, feelings-to-actions, feelings-to-words… in short, as the self-to-Self relationship that gives you your relational patterns between manifest and unmanifest reality.

Intellectual reasoning alone will not tell you the whole story here - you will neither see the whole truth of a situation, nor will you have a clear understanding of what you have seen, using only the intellect. Your intellectual reasoning has brought you to the acceptance that your thoughts and beliefs are the springboard of your daily experience. But on its own, the human-sided intellect cannot provide the emotional understanding and the spiritual comprehension, that are necessary for the complete concordMain Entry: con·cord
1 : a state of agreement: harmony: to act together, harmonize, agree.
  of reason and emotion needed to purposefully direct your experiences.

The idea of respect, as we are speaking of it here, is a fine and useful concept. But if you cannot "get inside" that idea of respect, and feel the richer, wider emotional value of that idea - or any idea - then you cannot actualize its value in any meaningful manner for yourselves. Every idealized concept that heroizes and universalizes the values of both a psychological and emotional nature into a synergistic whole acts as a compounding power. The encompassing meaning of such ideas - single words representing compound values - comes from combining the intellectualized, psychological meanings into a charged, deeper, intuitively rich, value content. Do you see?

Words like "Love", or "Respect", "Trust", or "Fulfillment", hold vast emotional as well as psychological nuances of intuitively reasoned values, beneath their strict definitions and sheer intellectual explanations. Your words "Life", "Death", "God", "Devil", "Power", hold complex information, meanings and values related underneath or beyond the intellect's one-dimensional surface understandings. These words represent collective values larger than only an individual's values, and they encompass more than any single-value idea they may contain. Do think this last sentence through. Words like "happiness", or "anger", do not qualify here, for these words are not imbued with the broader implications and meanings of the inherent and universalized values that are psychically-spiritually understood by the human race and the collective consciousness. Do you understand?

End of dissertation - at least on the value of your values and the idea of your ideals. We are hoping, as a side-bar within these sorts of discussions, to help you become more familiar and comfortable with the shifting variations of individual energy, as every self mixes and matches their own intents and purposes of Self's creative life-energy. You sometimes hear, see, experience -- read these variances too keenly, too literally, as you walk through your world.

There are currently several large psychic segments of humanity studying the specific ways that the general meanings of concepts are refined, narrowed and focused into personal understandings, and then reconstituted back out into collective consciousness as collective conscious ideals. Do pay attention to our wording here. From within the framework of human mind and its consciousness, a concept is taken in and then re-woven into changed, progressed, evolved universal conceptual paradigms. While you occasionally lend your expertise and support to one of these groups, you are not a pivotal part of their direction and aims. While intimately interested in their work, you are more concerned with how such work fits into your own purposes.

You are more deeply involved with the unifying processes - the consolidating development of new directions and the creation of a larger psychic framework for humankind that involves the mapping of new mind-ways across new frontiers. You are concerned with the precision of creativity, and how to open or make more available this knowledge and learning, to and for others. Some of your immediately current lessons are about the Self's shifting scales of Consciousness that allows and encourages human mind's movement from individual view to universal views of humanity. This is what we were just speaking of as the magnification of individual concepts that turn themselves inside out, into collective vision and purpose - into a universally accepted direction for humankind's development.

Those variances of power that we were just speaking of are the expanding, developing Self-to-self communications of each of you. This power-shifting energy dance between Self-and-self, is a reverberation of the Self's energy as it creates itself inward, into the single self-hood or soul-hood that each of you is as a human entity.

(Now, we do realize you are viewing this as if you are creating your self outward, into your larger, physically real, human reality. This is a misunderstanding -- but a point for a different discussion.)

Then as self grows, and as Self enlightens self in how to use a larger portion or greater depth and variety of its own Self-creative energy, self learns to incorporate its multi-faceted power of Self-hood into the collective power of humanities grander ideals and actuation. Do you understand?

You are feeling like a dam has broken - a blockage has burst, and your own Self-to-self enlightenment is pouring forth - pouring out and pouring in, like these words - forming almost too fast for you to catch either their meaning or your breath! The psychic energy you held within your human mind for so long - the energy you constricted within your usual experiences and accepted parameters of conscious reality - had been gathering or backing up. This energy had been massing, swelling, building itself up until it could break through your self imposed restrictions of what was, or was not, possible and acceptable psychic action (from you human point of view).

This expanding energy naturally sought an outlet, a transformational channel, (excuse our pun), a freer expression. You understood you would need to open the floodgates, break down the closed door between self-and-Self in manner of speaking. You deliberately created a new ability of mind, as a new container for this energy. If you had not deliberately directed this event, it would have converted to a kind or type of physical materialization different than this expression of our worded, psychic-spiritual essence immediately expressed here. Had you not chosen us, every bit as clearly as we chose you, we could not have arrived here, as these messages that steadily arrive in this NOW of your psychic mailbox. And had you not designed this proposition self-to-Self, insisting instead, on only a self-involved venture, your reality would have reflected that path of creative proposition as chameleon creation drawn out of chameleon concept, just as clearly.

This sort of energy constriction often precedes a sudden major life event. Such an energy eruption may become a windfall, or a serious accident or illness, or any sort of significant occurrence, as the backed-up energy manifests into an experienceable shape. The specifics will always follow or develop according to the uniquely individual belief systems that direct such events. Now there is more to this story than only this single theme, but your belief systems are elemental to creative constructing.

Bottled up, unrecognized, unfulfilled energy will sooner or later find a creative release from stagnating restriction - it will literally create for itself a new expression - project itself a path, a means of breaking out of such confinement. The more restrictive a minds conceptual paradigms the narrower the view of reality will be, and then the stronger the charge of pent up energy becomes.

You clearly, consciously understood that you could no longer continue to restrict your life's creative energy within ever more exclusive conceptual patterns, without experiencing an effect, result, consequence or outcome of some sort. You realized that you risked your own mind's creative energy exploding out of your own direction, or out of your Self-to-self guidance, erupting out of your reasoned choices - out of your reasoned control. You very consciously sought a system of beliefs for that energy to break into. Repressed creative energy will burst outward to take the projected external shape of the first, strongest sets of beliefs available regardless of how conscious or less conscious those beliefs may be to egocentric human mind.

You converted what could have been some form of major disaster in your life, into a major creative leap - almost a complete step on the evolutionary ladder of consciousness, so strong was the life charge of the energy you had been holding in! To test the feasibility of the psychic integration you so long contemplated and prepared for all of your life, you risk your life itself. By defying the strictly human concepts of how much time such a step of consciousness' evolution takes, you were hoping to prove that such a development is possible for the whole of human hood - and within a single lifetime.

You feel a special urgency over this private experiment, for you acutely foresee the probable outcome if humankind continues the present, current direction of its' greater perspectives. In a way, without being obstructively aware of it, you are preparing the way for your own transition - preparing your own path, or future, so to speak, if your world does not change its course "in time". (We means this from your Self's angle of view here.) Held equally with these Self-and-self inward sights, you are trying to constructively help your world's rather perilous situation by opening the channels through which the necessary redirection CAN come into the conscious human mind -- where change can begin to be made.

You hold these two views (what is manifest and what is possible to manifest) open, in a strange and precarious balance, side-by-side, individual-to-collective human hood, self-to-Self. There are many who can learn, in this now of their own lifetimes, how to do this same thing - see and understand this same perspective of human development, and grasp their own inner aims of active assistance in human hood's processes of enlightened evolvement. If those who can learn this lesson of self-to-Self pursuit would learn how to empower their own thinking from the inside out in such a manner as this, then the balance of Humankind's directive power could be tipped, so to speak. This practical proposition of human learning is one way the balance of creative intelligence that is your world's founding power, could be restored to collective, general humanity.

At this point, humanity's creative life-power is unbalanced in favor of conceptual systems - philosophies, psychology's, religions, governments, laws, education -- all forms of mind-power systems, that are making the decisions that shape your collective totality of human experience. Humankind's power to create itself is concentrated in minds that hold a conceptual identity of human hood as a domination-power, as physical-force supremacy. The reality of all of you is being formulated through the accepted concepts -- the allowable belief structures supplied from such sources. Enlightenment, as self-to-Self learning about your own energy as power, is the only way to re-balance the equation between the individual power to create private reality, and the collected power to create collective, universal, world reality.